CisFinder: Identification of DNA over-represented motifs

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Disclaimer: these programs may malfunction without generating an error message or crash if you use wrong syntax or inappropriate input file format.

Stand-alone programs for Windows (run at command prompt)

readme.txtHelp for all programs
patternFind.cIdentify motifsC-code
patternCluster.cCluster motifsC-code
patternTest.cImprove motifsC-code
patternCompare.cCompare motifsC-code
patternScan.cSearch motifsC-code
patternDistrib.cFrequency distributionC-code
motiflogo.cUtility to make motif logoC-code

Utilities and interface (PERL)

extract_genome_seq.plExtract sequences from genome
cisfinder.cgiWeb-server interface for CisFinder
get_motifs.plModule for motif identification
get_search.plModule for finding motifs in a sequence